Monday, January 17, 2011

Nice to meet you:)

Here is a quick intro of who we are:) 

From left to right
My brother in-law, My sister, My brother, me, my mom and my dad:)

me and the hubs
My brother in-law: He doesn't come in as much but hes always the clumsy one who gets hurt

My sister: we call her speedy Gonzalez because she's always running around, she starts things but never finishes them and we all go and pick up after her

My brother: Out of all of us he's the level headed one

Me: The one who can't stand the stupid people and by bad luck always has to deal with them.

My Mom: The brain. Enough said.

My dad: the playful one who, like my sister is always running around. When you have to work with them two at the same time you NEED aspirin!

My hubs: The hustler. Always looking for ways to make more money and bring in more customers.

And YES we are all loud as hell! 

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